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How to create and build android application using mobile11ty.

Build android app


Oke after we have finihsed deploy your modern static site generator using eleventy and ionic call it mobile11ty , now you can build android application too...

For first of course we need android studio because we work wtih this app, so download android studio first.

then install android studio on your device now, we ready to build android app using mobile11ty or convert your website in to android bundle app. we have two optional for build and convert mobile11ty to android apk.

  • Fist we can we can easily convert this mobile11ty website in apk form using only web view, this applies if you don't want to send this apk to playstore, or you just want this apk to be downloaded via your website. you can visit our blog how to convert to webview here,read how to use android webview →
  • If you need to build android apk for uploading to google playstore so you can use cordova or capacitor for build bundle android app, with this method you can convert and build yor surce code mobile11ty with bundle option, so you can upload it on google playstore. you can read documentation here, how to build android app using cordova and capacitor →







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